medical term for fainting at the site of blood

You might want to take a look at this. There's a medical term called vasovagal syncope which might cover it.

- DJB -
Yes, vasovagal reaction is the term for fainting but that's normally caused by a physiological/medical problem. Fainting at the sight of blood is a form of emotionalism. As an RN, I call it 'weak-stomached' or a 'fainter'. It's an emotional reaction over which one can gain control by desensitization. The more you see it/learn about it, the less reactionary you become. Hemophobia might apply but most folks who faint at blood usually react similarly to other medical bodily functions/parts/grossness, etc.

When blood, etc. is viewed in terms of biology rather than 'bad' or a signal of 'danger' or 'gory' then it becomes simply a piece of knowledge/fact rather than an emotion. Desensitization is the key. One must think about it with one's rational brain instead of their emotional brain.