This is a tricky one....

antwacky (hint - british slang)

A virtual beer for the first correct answer

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old fashioned. Oh no way! I am not wearing those shoes they're so antwacky!
Maybe we could have another picture of you instead! You have such a beautiful neck!
I still didn't post those pics... we'll get some more during this summer's teaching season: "throw yer arms in the air, like ya just don't care!"
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wo ho baby!!
Ok, Ok, lets calm down a little here!

It's 10:00pm and only now have I had the chance to see some of today's posts.

A round of applause a virtual beer and maximum respect to majoqui for getting the meaning to antwacky (what a word!) By the way, I still have absolutely no idea what in the world your username stands for so I'm looking for enlightenment. The same goes out to hitchhiker and shmooliette...... Why can't you just make everyones lives easier by calling yourselves names like: Fred (for hitchhiker) and how about Mary (for shmooliette) oh and majoqui if you're a bloke Bob would suit you and if you are of the fairer sex then how about hmm i don't know..... ok Jane!

Secondly, Fred (hitchhiker) your pictures will stay well away from public viewing as I would never want to be responsible for anyone fainting or even worse getting aroused at a picture of me. Believe me Bob or Jane (majoqui) seeing my neck is MORE than you would ever want to see of me.

Finally, I fear that our little game where we add a sentence to an existing story is getting a little out of hand. I wonder what people really think about us when reading our creation - they must think we are totally insaneEmotion: smile

Anyway, in future my hands will stay firmly in my pockets (fred you know what I mean)

oh! what a pity! I just thought we were going to get a nice picture of your hands this time! I bet they are really photogenic! Why should you keep them in your pockets? I definitely wouldn't know what you mean. Bingo! you guessed my name correctly. Do I really sound like a man? I never knew I had a split personality.
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seriously though, where does the nick come from?
A Mediterranean island, not far from Malta.
any more hints?
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