If you would like to improve your vocabulary, www.dictionary.com offer a word of the day, sent to you by email.

It's free and it's really interesting, it gives you the definition, pronunciation, examples of its use and also its origin (if known).

It's useful and interesting for me as a native speaker of English, so I'm sure it will be extremely helpful for any person who are looking to increase their vocabulary Emotion: big smile

Laalaa ***
I second that! It's a great site with a useful thesaurus as well.
Thx for ur intro about www.dictionary.com. It has smth like www.englishpage.com. These r good site for English beginners like me. Thx a lots
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No worries Emotion: big smile

Wow i alwys forget about this forum - then iremember how interesting it is hehehee

Thanx lalabina 4 the information!!!
Thanks a lot !

Word of the day is a great idea !

See U
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Emotion: big smile...Thank you very much for this..
Do I also need to say.....Thank you one more time?
Thanks a lot, lalabina78! A word of the day is a very useful thing 8)
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