Today's word: GAVEL
What does it mean and use it in a sentence.
I miss my dictionary badly. Here, it says tribute or rent. I am sure Jacko will come up with an original sentence.
Interesting.....still no-one knows what it is.....or is it because I didn't offer a virtual beer for the first person to get it correct?Emotion: wink
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Isn't a gavel the wooden hammer that an auctioneer uses?

That's right dduck........a virtual beer coming your way!!!
(if you can put the word in a sentence)
The auctioneer was having a bad day and gavelled the participants to death.

Does that count?

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Excellent example......LOLEmotion: big smile
The beer's all yours!
I didnt like the judge's verdict, but he smashed me with his gavel and made me be quiet.
I looked it up with MW, and this is what it says:

1 gav·el
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English gafol; akin to Old English giefan to give
: rent or tribute in medieval England

2 gavel
Function: noun
: a mallet used (as by a presiding officer or auctioneer) for commanding attention or confirming an action (as a vote or sale)

3 gavel
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): -eled or -elled; -el·ing or gav·el·ling /'gav-li[ng], 'ga-v&-/
: to bring or force by use of a gavel
example sentence: gaveled the audience to silence

Function: adjective
: extending from the beginning to the end of a meeting or session
example sentence: gavel-to-gavel television coverage
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