I had to look this up when a student found it in a news articles about SARS.... I think it sounds good.


Answers on a postcard....
"Affecting a large number of animals at the same time within a particular region or geographic area"

So would Epiclubtic mean:

"Affecting a large number of clubbers at the same time within a particular disco or bar"

What about epiyawntic? that could be the name for people being in the same room "catching" a yawn if one person yawns heehee Emotion: stick out tongue

My friend used to test whether people were staring at her on the train home by letting out a wide mouthed yawn (fake of course)... if people yawned directly after her, she's know they were looking in her general direction.... hmmm no real point to this story apart from the fact that I have strange and paranoid friends.... oh dear...

I hope we're not confusing people by making up new words... oooh that just made me think of something... be back soon with a new thread if I find what i'm about to look forEmotion: smile
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smart girl, great trick too!