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Quote " The licence awarded yesterday by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) allows only experimental use of the technique and not the implantation into a womb of any resultant embryo.": Excerpt from an artile posted on Times on line (Britain?) under title "Scientists win right to create human embryo with three genetic parents"

My question goes to the last part saying "implantation into a womb of any resultant embryo", but how does "implantation of any resultant embryo into a womb" replaced for the quote sound different?

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Your replacement actually illustrates the more common order in a situation where two different versions are possible.

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Hi CalifJim

First of all thanks for your reply. Do you see the article put emphasis on implantation "in to the womb" rather than "of any resultant embryo" perhaps or another reason, or you can't really tell me with only a given sentence - you need to see the sentences nearby? Sorry if I sound bit persisting for perhaps this tiny issue... If you would be able to skim through the article, here's the URL:


I'd appreciate your comment again, and anybody else.

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I don't feel there is any difference in meaning between the two versions, no particular emphasis on one thing or another. It's just that your version seems to illustrate the more standard word order - at least to my ear.

The difference is similar to the difference between these:

Give him the pen. Give the pen to him.

These are simply free variants, and nothing changes with regard to meaning.

Hi, Jim

Sorry for not writing here to say thank you more quicker enough, and I thank you for your reply and patience for replying again - the previous answer was enough to explain what is written in the 2nd reply - just didn't get what you suggested. Anyway, I understood these are within acceptable way of saying and English language is quite flexible on these word orders. Thanks a lotEmotion: smile.

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