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could you please help me with the word 'pickles' in the following context? I'm translating episode of Law and Order: SVU and this word was used there in the moment where detectives are talking with the medical examiner about the homeless man who was set on fire / immolated. Of course he died on it.

Medical examiner: Arsonists almost always use gasoline
or lighter fluid. Josh Galli's(that homeless guy) killer used formaldehyde.

Cop: The stuff that (?)pickles people.(?)
Medical examiner: Burns them too.

I tried google and found a lot of examples with this word like..

a) It pickles me liver just the thought of it does!

b) It pickles me that no one has started a thread about the cabury!

Please what does it mean if something "pickles someone"? My dictionary just shows only food references..Emotion: sad

thanks a lot

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pickling food is a means to preserve it.

When people die, their bodies are usually preserved in some way before burial - fomaldehyde may be used for this. (It's also the stuff often used to preserve organic items for display, research etc).

So it's a little tasteless but he is referring to the preservation of bodies.
Great, thanks a lot Nona. [Y]