Can the words "Verbal or Vebally" be taken to mean anything other than the spoken word ?
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Yep, as far as I know it can also refer to the written word and/or grammar.
Dictionary: (Removed all references to spoken word)

Of, relating to, or associated with words: a detailed verbal description.

Detailed VERBAL description would be exactly what a dictionary generally achieves. Every single part of the meaning is described with many words.

Concerned with words only rather than with content or ideas: a merely verbal distinction.

Where the way something was worded makes the difference

Of or relating to proficiency in the use and understanding of words: a verbal aptitude test.
Ie: a verbal test would be one that measures how well you can use words in that language

Hopefully one of the teachers can take a better shot at this!
verbal: expressed or conveyed by speech instead of writing
collocations: verbal agreement, verbal contract, verbal evidence, verbal attacks, verbal questioning

not "verbal tradition" ... but "oral traditon"

source: The new Fowler's Modern English Usage (OUP)
a verbally aggressive person
to communicate one's quetions verbally to the members of the panel
Here's the Cobuild URL for concordancing:

The first respite from her mother's `verbal abuse" occurred when..

Eleanor Mancarah. [p] Mancarah: Verbal abuse, sexual harassment, threats, forms of aggression, for instance verbal aggression such as sarcasm..

We play a lot of fantasy games, both verbal and physical. Sometimes I will be for many days thereafter, suffering verbal and even physical abuse, but..
..He had heard ding-dong verbal battles there before, but nothing..
..support system; informal, largely verbal, communications skills; leadership..

..`They tore me limb from limb, verbally [p] Since it first came to..
..who had already reprimanded Graham verbally about his anomalous behaviour claims he was physically and verbally abused by Chili Peppers singer..
..the White House Chief of Staff was verbally abused. From Geneva, Christopher..
..into line after claiming he was verbally abused in the World Cup final..
..were physically assaulted and verbally abused by members of the Marine SA..
..said a woman at the scene was verbally abusing people. She..
..Dave drank heavily and became verbally abusive. Both children developed..
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I now have two conflicting answers.
1. Can be used in the wriiten context
2. Pertains ONLY to the spoken word.

Any advance on this.If Verbal can be used in the written sense are there any references to this either in technical, reference or literal form /
"Of or relating to proficiency in the use and understanding of words: a verbal aptitude test. "

Surely, even though generally the test would be spoken, doesn't the meaning of verbal in this case only pertain to the use of words and not that they MUST be spoken??
A Verbal Aptitude Test is either a test given orally (verbally) or it is testing one's use of the spoken (verbal) language. In either form it pertains to speaking.

Although I can see some of the distinctions made in the above descriptions and definitions of Verbal I think that one's automatic response to the word is to assume that is referring to the spoken word. It may be easier for a reader to keep that distinction.

Of course it can also be used when speaking about grammar, anything relating to a Verb is Verbal ie: a verbal noun.
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DK really ... needs time for research ..

What about VERBATIM (repeating or remembering) ... speaker or writer says the dictionary.
What then,is the opposit to verbal
non-verbal ?;)
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