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The following seems correct to me, "The picture displays beautifully on the computer screen." However, I cannot verify that the above usage of the word "display" is correct. Any insights?

I write software docs and frequently need to reference items on the screen. I want to avoid passive constructions such as, "The picture is displayed beautifully on the computer screen."


The computer screen shows the picture beautifully
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Joel, I can't see anything wrong with what you have written.
Maybe that's because I also work in the IT industry and often see 'display' used this way?
Thanks, reetmon. Your word order is preferable (though I think "display" is equally valid in your sentence instead of "show").

I guess my example didn't fit my needs exactly. I just cooked it up to show the sense in which I need to sometimes want to use "display." The actual sentence that prompted me to write follows:

" The Test Code and Unit Serial Number display on one line to simplify parsing..."

I could say that "The monitor displays the Test Code and Unit Serial Number ..., " but I want to be as concise as reasonably possible.

--- Joel
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Thanks for the encouragement, Andrew.

Maybe my/our usage is specialized. Remains to be seen whether dictionaries will pick up that usage in the future.