what is the word to use for medicines taken before breakfast?? smdl
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I'm not sure there is one. 'Preprandial' means taken before a meal, but it does not usually refer to medicine.
in latin phrase it is called jenteculum.
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I can find 'jentaculum', Tracy, but not in any medical or pharmaceutical dictionaries on-line. It simply means 'breakfast' in Latin. Can you show me a source?
Hi Student,
It is called "ante cibum". Generally seen on the prescription, and it is abbreviated as a.c.

1.pantoprazole 20mg o.d. a.c.
2.Omeprazole 20mb o.d. a.c.

ante cibum - Latin ; before a meal - English.

Respected Mr. Micawber,
It is very confusing to come to a conclusion. Most of the doctors here simply use the word " On empty stomach" to avoid confusion. It is generally seen on the prescription for all the gastro-intestinal disorders.
This is for favour of information please.
With high regards,
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Thank you for the information, Sri. You are always reliable in supplying medical terms.
thank you teachers. on empty stomach is ok. can i use before breakfast also?? i will ask my professor also. thanks teachers.smdl
you are right. micaber teacher, vsrao teacher, avangi teacher all are nice teachers here. helping me lot. smdl
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