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Nyef, did you leave out sisterly on purpose?

And let me add



as in

my fortnightly rent amounts to $XX
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hey buddy,

move farther Cmon !!!! each one of us is more or less just adding to the basket but wht is to be done is actually discuss their usage when ,how,where etc.............only then can we make this discussion of ours meaningfull...........

hope u l take my word by your mouth.C u in a better discussion .


i've recently encountered an interesting quandary that has been driving me up the wall ever since i started trying to solve it.

the word "cowardly": what is it? all the dictionaries say it is an adjective AND an adverb, but all evidence points to only adjective. A few examples:

to act cowardly is correct, but in that case "cowardly" is a predicate adjective. it's describing you, by way of the linking verb "act"
to run cowardly is wrong, so it can't be used as an adjective in the direct sense.

take the synonym of cowardly, pusillanimous, and put it in the same sentences
to act pusillanimous- "pusillanimous" is obviously not an adverb. it is not in any use.
to run pusillanimous- this is wrong as well

same with any other -ly adjective. take friendly, for instance. you can act friendly, but you can't shake someone's hand friendly. you can't greet someone friendly. friendly is obviously not an adverb.
why, then, is cowardly an adverb? according to merriam-webster online :
Main Entry: 1cow·ard·ly
Pronunciation: -lE
Function: adverb
: in a cowardly manner

THERE IS NO VERB IN THAT EXAMPLE. how can an adverb modify a verb that isn't there? that example right there is enough to put me off merriam-webster for life.
adverbs again Emotion: wink
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She is friendly

She behaves in a friendly way.


Yes, Alexandra. Some adjectives end in the suffux -ly. Check this site. you'll get a lot you can use.

i need to know what adverbs that where adjectives before 'ly' was added

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the dog was lonely.
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