Some adjectives ending in ly are used as adverbs like this:

-lovely. She is lovely. (adjective)
-in a lovely way. She behaves in a lovely way.(adverb)

Can you think of anymore adjectives that follow this pattern when adverbs? Please use them in a sentence.
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It's not an adverb in the second sentence; it's merely an adjective used in an adverbial phrase. Sorry to disappoint you. Emotion: sad

She is a friendly person.
She smiled at me in a friendly way.
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Again, it's an adjective in both sentences.
" In a friendly way" an adjective since when?
"In a friendly way" is an adverbial phrase; "friendly" is still an adjective modifying "way."
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You are right it is an adverbial phrase.
OK, here are some:

She laughed loudly.
I finished quickly.
We ate slowly.
I sat quietly.
hmm, they are not adjectives, Alexanndra. They are adverbs.Emotion: smile
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