are there any other english words that ends with SHION apart from cuSHION and faSHION.

reply me please
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Here is a quotation that answers your question:

"The usual answer is hushion, a rather unusual Scots dialect word for a footless stocking (a sort of leg-warmer).

A rather better-known Scots word is fushion, meaning `spirit, energy, gumption' or (in referring to food) `wholesomeness'.

Neither word is in standard use outside Scotland.

The complete Oxford English Dictionary also lists the word parishion meaning the same as `parishioner' (a member or inhabitant of a parish). However, this word died out in the 16th century without ever settling into a consistent spelling."

hey jobb,

thank u very much. you are really good in english.

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Could you tell us what the meaning of gumption is? Thanks in advance.
n. Informal
Boldness of enterprise; initiative or aggressiveness.

Guts; spunk.

Common sense.
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hi!, i think the only words that ends in SHION are CUSHION and FASHION

Well its how we speak in my neck of the woods!!!
Shion can be used as a name...
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