Dear all great friends,

Here is some word from The Dhammapada.

Mind foreruns all mental conditions,

Mind is chief, mind-made are they;

If one speaks or acts with a pure mind,

Then happiness follows him

Even as the shadow that never leaves.


Yesterday I found a book name The Dhammapada under my father's table. He got this book from his friend 24 years ago as his friend's signature and the date signed in 1980. Articles in the book are long time ago written.

What do you think about this old article? Is it still modern?
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Well I've never read something that says exactly the same thing so be it modern or not it still has value.

U can make it modern as modern status is just the perception of the masses.

I.e. start a trend !
Hi Peter,

This word I think it never die and still has value as you say. So it's still modern for all ages. What do you think?

Glad to know you.
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definately. There is such a thing as advancement of a concept however somethings are not equalled or remade in a complemetary way (so as to see there value worked into the next "version") and therefore the old things are the only things that retain the unique concept.

Am I making sense?
I kind of confused.. how can pure mind lead to happiness, i don't understand.... Probably... what lead to happiness is simple-mindedness i guess... This poems spoke of too much imaginery virtues that don't exist and not practical in real life...

Probably I'm just to dumb to figure out what those sages in the past were saying... please teach me.
simplemindedness same thing right?
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simple mindedness = pure heart ???
If you say so

If we compare a pure mind with a glass of pure water, would it be clearer?

In pure water if there is something like dust, colour, some dirtiness, we would know that water is not pure. Pure water is clear without anything only its molecule. Then we compare with our mind now what is inside? Our feeling; anger, greedy, desire, ect,.

What do you think?
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