http://www.youtube.com/channels?ytsession=PkGlLGKZmdiFIU64vnTR4En0hKThQUX-7QMqJWodKMOzlKCjWa9Lu9z... 2fvebIFQFdZ7o
1.From 1:00-1:03, "From what I can tell, you are__as hell, the last time I _____ was a pancake." Did he say that the last "THING" he FLIPPED was a pancake?
2..1:15, instead of WHAT?
3.From 2:54, "Looking like everybody _____"
4.From 2:13, "And he believed. And he channeled his energy due to the creation of his mind...of what his mind believes and what he spoke into existence"? IS THAT WHAT HE SAID? It doesn't any sense to me! What in the world does "speaking something into existence" mean?
Something's wrong with your link—it just takes me to a sort of YouTube menu.
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For all I know, you talented as hell
The last thing I took was a pancake
Instead of tele-porting, how about you just wake up and show up on time?
Looking like everybody hates Chris

As for the rest, it doesn't make any sense to you because it doesn't make sense. Period.
David So is a comedian and he gets paid by YouTube for the posts he makes. Don't look to him or the people he features in his videos to make sense in terms of English grammar and usage.
Irrelevant question right here-he gets PAID by YOUTUBE??? I hear that some of the Youtubers earn the through ads, which I apparently didn't see any on his channel. I know he uses a lot of pay channel language, and so do the people featured in his videos, but most of the time what they say do make sense(or funny sense), otherwise he wouldn't be so popular, but then again, that's just my thought:)
Certain hugely popular YouTube posters belong to what is called the "partner's program" and, yes, they get paid a monthly salary just as long as they keep making videos. When I said that it didn't make sense, I was referring to the particular video So was critiquing. Lots of others do and they are amusing.
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Thanks, Mr. Paris, you're more than informative of English!:)
My pleasure, chivalry , I always enjoy helping you.