Once again,

I'm confusing over some words in this quick-speaking comedian's video,

whose opinions are actually quiet constructive and worth-listening to.

1.1:30, when he tried to imitate someone else to express the doubt over the bill, what did he say? What before "proven guilty"?

2.From 2:17 on, "Senator Mckinsy(I'm only guessing the name, not sure how it's spelled)" and what?????? I don't understand what he says all the way until 2:20.

3:2:47, "The next time you come up with some argument, ______ your game up."
1: "Uh, but aren't you innocent until proven guilty?

2: "Senator McCain stands there like the ancient-ass bloke/blunk? that he is, bringing up all these old facts about World War II and Nazis...."

3: "...step your game up, son."
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Oops! So sorry, here it is,


and can somebody tell me why I can't edit my own post??????
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I believe that users are not allowed to edit their own posts once there is a reply posted. (This is to prevent people from correcting errors or changing things in the original post, which then makes the reply very confusing.)