I have been trying to come up with words meaning BOTH GOOD AND BAD. i have been drawing a total blank! the only things i can think of that come close are maybe 'dual' or 'conflicted' - but these words do not capture the essence of what i'm trying to say!

Please help. Much much Appreciated, Thanks!
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I'm not sure exactly what you want to say. Can you perhaps do something with the words ambiguous or ambivalent?

Best wishes, Clive
The above 'Anonymous' query was my post (I just joined so you kind people who respond don't feel like you are talking to a person with 'dark glasses' on Emotion: smile )
I'm not sure exactly what you want to say. Can you perhaps do something with the words ambiguous or ambivalent?

I don't believe either ambiguous or ambivalent would work for my circumstance unfortunately. i am kind of trying to get across the idea of a 'double-edged sword'. just to put this question in context, i am writing an essay on the topic of human rights. in the first sentence of my introduction i used the swordmetaphor, and now need sort of synonyms for this idea that i can use throughout the essay. Please help...my essay has actually come to a standstill because i can't get around this silly problem Emotion: sad

Thank you again!
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does no such word exist?...
I think you need to wait more than 45 mintues after a post to go into a panic that no one will answer you.

What about Janus words or autoantonyms.


my apologies. papers do make me neurotic and panicky. i checked out the links you provided and can see the double and opposite meanings; but now just trying to get my mind around how to best apply them to the human rights topic (its tough)

thanks, GG
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There's the idiom that something 'cuts both ways'.

Something can be 'a mixed blessing'. Something can be 'both good news and bad'.

Good luck, Clive
This may not be in the same context that you mean, but perhaps oxymoronic?
Just a try,
Good luck finding the word!
And thank you for registering!!
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