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is there anymore, what about one that you might find one inside the other???
Hi / high ?
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it's called HOMONYMSEmotion: smile
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LIVE - to reside somewhere
LIVE - to watch something in action (e.g. LIVE Match)

TIRED - to tie with ropes
TIRED - out off energy or stamina

WATCH - to look at something
WATCH - which shows time (e.g. wristwatch or clock)

MATCH - cricket or football match
MATCH - to find a pair for someone

GUTS - wire used in sports rackets (e.g. Badminton, Squash and Tennis rackets)
GUTS - to have courage or power
Homonyms are words which are spelt differently but sound the same e.g. two, to and too. tear (that you cry) and tear (a rip) sound different but are spelt the same. I would love to know the answer too!
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