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Try running the word through a 'cancode' it will give you hundreds of examples of the frequency at which the word occurs and in many different contexts, useful tool.
i want more example of two same word but different meaning?
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Please read through the pages of this thread-- there are dozens of examples. In fact, there are 2 or 3 in my previous sentence.
I'm looking for the mane of works that are spelled the same but pronounced different. Example.... live ( to live for the moment) and live 9 live birth..... wind ( the wind is blowing) and wind ( to wind a toy)...close ( to close a door) and close ( a close call). If you find your answer maybe you can find my answer?
Heteronyms, or heterophones are spelled the same, but have different pronunciations and meanings. For example, desert (to abandon) and desert (a dry region) have the same spelling, but are pronounced differently, and have different meanings.
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Wind As the wind is blowing. wind as in wind your watch
Hononyms ?
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Anonymousits called a homonym
Homonyms sound the same.

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