what is the term used for words that are spelled the same but have different meanings?
Example: tear, crying/tear, a rip in a cloth
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The problem with homonyms is that they sound the same and often, not necessarily, have the same spelling but with a different meaning.
Only five?! There must be thousands! Just open a dictionary to any page!

bank, crop, bear, peer, sink, fritter, pants, slip, slide, dry, fit, class, shine, creep, divide, page, gin, trip, keel, ship, fall, hedge, needle, scrape, riddle, throw, train, ...
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I got two in my mind.
Same spelling, but different pronunciation, different part of speech.
dove (bird, brand of chocolate, brand of shampoo)<=>dove( past tense of dive)
wind (moving air)<=>wind (to wrap something)
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[Careful! Wind and wrap are not quite the same.]
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Yeah, I tried to find a better word that would match Wind, but I failed. Will "coil" be better?
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Personally, yes, I like "coil" better. Emotion: smile
please help me to find this word

unspecifc ( ) military officer

I appreciate your help.
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