Hi friends,

Which English words can have their letters removed and still keep their original pronunciation?

One of these unique words is ‘Queue’.

After removing, ‘u and e’ it still retains its original pronunciation.

I am looking for more such words. Please help me to find these?

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It would only be words that have the same sound as the letters of the alphabet, so just work your way through

I'll start you off with bee.
How about EMPTY remove EPY to leave MT lol! Emotion: big smile
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The name Kay = K.

The expression, "gee" = G.

"elle" = L

pee = P

are = R

tee/tea = T

you = U

Why = Y.

I'd welcome more like this! Emotion: smile

- Joy

thats great!!!! "nona, eargasms, joy"

please carry on with more such words.....

Pee. Emotion: big smile

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thanx yo

but pee is already cited

neways..yes it can be 'Pea'

oh...... another one 'Be'

Try for more

What about two female sheep ?

Double Ewe remove doubleee to leave Wlol!! Emotion: big smile
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