I was wondering that there are few words without vowels such as shhhh, why etc. But does any body knows what word is used to call these words without vowels?
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As fas as I know, there is no term that means "a word without vowels" except the obvious: vowelless. Maybe 'consonantal', the word that describes an alphbet with no vowels. This must necessarily restrict the meaning of vowel to the letters represent vowel sounds.

Well, a word such as "shhh" is an onomatopoeia ("pfff", "mmmm" etc...), but some have vowels in them ("aarrgghh", "burp", so this mustn't be the answer to your question. Emotion: smile
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Why is pronounced as "wai", so it is not vowel-less phonetically speaking. Neither is rhythm, which is pronounced 'ri-[th]&m.

Chinese does have vowel-less words, like ng.
JulielaiChinese does have vowel-less words, like ng.

Phonetically, so are ri (日), si (四), and shi (是) since the i represents a fricative and not a conventional phonetic [ i ]. Don't you think?
Dear friends,

I have seen «aphthongic». It is «without vowels». It is a humorous formation perhaps.

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I think in Italy there's almost no word without vowels... Emotion: surprise
When I googled Goldmund's suggested term, the only link google could find was this thread!
I think It's called the language of Rock and roll.They write' and' by n .Word no wowel.And the bee is written by b why by y and n in a guessing game ,they are called consonnant. Shh is onomatopea.

Phuong ninh
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