I have just written a letter which will go along with my CV and a couple of other forms to Ford Motor Company (in uk). I am 14 years old and in year 10. Could you please give me advice on the letter so far and maybe how to round it off nicely. Thanks a lot.

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5th June 2007

Mr. ***,

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Dear Mr. ***,

I am writing to you to apply for a work experience place at Ford Motor Company between the 12th November 2007 and the 23rd November 2007.

Currently, I am a fourteen year old student in year 10 at the *** school. When I finish my compulsory education, I plan to go to sixth form. After this I hope to continue higher education by going to university.

As well as taking all required subjects and my three chosen options (French, I.T. and History) I chose to take Music and Astronomy after school. Unfortunately, the teacher was unable to continue the Astronomy classes and I have will have to wait until next year to continue this subject.

I am particularly interested in English, I.T. and History. Learning about the past is very appealing to me and in I.T. I have managed to develop a skill of touch typing rather quickly. I enjoy English because I enjoy creative writing. We got to extensively write creatively in one piece of coursework this year, which I received an A* for.

I have enclosed a CV with this letter, which contains my predicted grades from our Spring Term Monitoring. I do not feel these grades are accurate in all cases. For example, in I.T I have been predicted a C grade. This in fact, was the case for every pupil in my class. Also, since this monitoring took place, our school has changed the course from DIDA to OCR Nationals. I believe I will receive a much higher grade than this by the end of the year. One example of me doing well in I.T. was in year 7, when I won an award for best student of the year. In History, I was also predicted a B grade. We have recently taken our year 10 tests, which are comprised of actual GCSE questions. I received an A in History, which I am confident I will get in the real GCSEs. In Science, I was Predicted a B grade. In our most recent set of science of science exams I received two A* grades and an A grade. I believe I will receive higher than a B here too. In RE I was also predicted a B. I do not believe this grade to be accurate either due to our teacher being away for a majority of the year so far. In this time we have had a supply teacher. At the end of last year we had a test in RE which I received a level 7, which is the highest possible level. I hope to achieve an A in this subject. Finally, in music I am predicted a D. Due to this lesson taking place optionally, after school, I was not able to attend for an extended period of time due to a family issue. I hope to soon be back on track in this subject.
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My first reaction is that as an employer with possible "Work Expereience" placements, I would not really be particularly interested in your possible future results, but I would be interested in your awareness of the company and what it does, your willingness to do anything that the company might find for you to do, and your preparedness to learn from the experience.

I suggest you revise your final paragraph.

As you are writing to someone by name, the convention is to end with a statement that you look forward to hearing from them soon, and Yours sincerely.
Nicely written, but I'm not sure it is the right information.

You need to talk about the sort of work you would like to do - office admin? accounts dept? hr dept? on the factory floor? Ok, you don't need to be quite that specific but you do need to narrow it down a little. You could mention what career you are hoping to follow too, if that is relevant to working there.

I'd just mention which subjects I was studying without going into detail over grades.

Then you should also mention skills and qualities that will make you an asset rather than a pain in the whatsit during your work experience. Computers - which programs can you use? Write a statement about how reliable/punctual/helpful/hard-working you are, that you have a mature attitude, and that you are looking forward to your first experience of the working world.
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when you are talking about science exams, (sixth line down at the end in the last paragraph) you wrote 'of science' twice. Just thought i'd let you know! Emotion: smile
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really good!! Emotion: big smile
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Tks very much for your useful forms.
Apart from that, other one is same at: experience letter
Best rgs
its alot better than mine.

Dear Sir/Madam

I have two weeks of work experince and the end of june from school as i am in year 10 and i was wondering wether i could do this at one of your engineering sites because im intrested in engineering but i want to know whats its like for real not being told about it.I would be very grateful if you could reply quickly as i have to sort it out soon.
it's not very willing. this is one i wrote. its the first two paragraphs but make the most of it.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to enquire about the possibility of being placed with your organization for work experience. I would be extrememly pleased if you grant me a chance to experience what it is like to be part of your company for a period of two week in July.

Work experience is intended to provide an insight of work and what it is really like. From these two weeks I hope to gain that very insight to tell me whether ( career choice) is the path i want to follow.

( to be continued) if you need help dont hesistate on emailing me on Email Removed" mce_href="mailto:Email Removed">Email Removed
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