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Is it correct to say "Working Late" ? -to mean continue working even after office hour.
Thanks !
Yes. I am always working late; I worked late again last night.
here we can also say doing ovetime
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Working late is a common practice in a lot mid level management staff in many commerically developed countries who don't get o.t. pay. Only salary non-exempt employees (meaning hourly will get O.T. pay or comp time). In other words, working late does not mean o.t. pay for certain level of employees. But their benifit package is much better than hourly, including bonus and leaves.

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here we can also say doing ovetime

Here we can also say doing overtime
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Can't working late mean doing personal work till late in the morning or evening?
Neeraj JainCan't working late mean doing personal work till late in the morning or evening?

Working late – is a general and relative term, depending on the context, the meaning varies. But one thing is certain, if someone calls his wife and says “I am working late tonight to wrap up the details on the presentation which is due tomorrow morning”, the message is implying that he is most likely a salary employee, not hourly, thus his working late usually is not compensated monetarily on his next pay check. He may get a “comp day” in lieu for O.T. In the work place, “working late” = staying behind to work after the office hours or regular shift for that day is finished.

“John is not up yet. He was working late last night in the garage fixing up the engine of his motorcycle for the race”. The message here says “he was staying up late working on the bike.

“ I was working late on my taxes last night” = I stayed up past my regular bed time, working on my tax