i m quite confused,
it seems that both are acceptable..
To make it work is the only correct version. Where have you seen 'to make it works'?
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I agree with to make it work. But a search with google shows "to make it work": 53,800,000 results while "to make it works": 93,800,000 results! So, if someone has an explanation, thanks.


I think To make it work is correct as make is verb here so no need to put s at the end of work

I see this is an old post, but I accidentally found is whilst searching the internet! I am British, so I have explained my understanding below. I hope this helps someone.

The correct answer is 'To make it work'. You never say 'to make it works' in English, ever.
Pretend you are trying to fix something and your friend asks you what you are doing.
You say "I am trying to make it work"

The addition of "to make" puts the focus on the action "to make". You are trying to MAKE(action) it work. Whenever you are doing something there is no 's'.

More examples:
"I bring it to work"
"I make it work"
"She goes to work"

Then you manage to fix it!
You say "It works!"

Now the focus is on the object "it", you are adding additional information about the object.

More examples:
"The machine works"
"She works"
"The television works"

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