Is the rest of the world ready to lose?

Hey Mike,
Are the Aussies ready to get dealt to/embarrassed in their home country? The Wannabies, oops sorry, wallabies are on home ground but it should help them beat Argentina, maybe!

How about the English guys 'thinking' they actually have a chance this year! LOL

South Africa, not even worth mentioning this time.

France ... dittoEmotion: yawn

Argentina, I'm curious to see since they are so close though they don't have any hope at all.

The ALL BLACKS of NEW ZEALAND. Need I say more? The obvious champions!

If this doesn't stir up the hornet's nest, I don't know what will! Emotion: super angry Emotion: wink

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Sorry Woody, I don't know much about that game. It looks awfully uncouth! Who are the ALL BLACKS? Are they related to the Osbournes?
Despite my lack of rugby knowledge, I am nevertheless confident of Australia's ability to be the best at ANYTHING! Even at beating the ALL WHOS (YAHOOS?) at that great gentleman's game, cricket!
Getting back to rugby, would you care to make a wager? You send me a couple of Chilean beers if the Skippies win, and I'll send you a couple of Japan's finest if the Yahoos win.
I have a problem taking things from other people. It would cost YOU a lot to send the beer to CHILE.
By the way, New Zealand just beat Italy 70-7. See what I mean...
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You forgot to mention that the CURRENT CHAMPIONS beat Argentina on Saturday 24-8.
Who are the reigning champs?
AUSTRALIA, of course!
We (Australia) ARE the champions my friend![8]
It's a long way to the post
If you wanna score a goal! [8]
And that is all that they could beat them by, by a measly 16 points ... HA HA HA!
I'd be worried if I were you!
Due to the fact that there was obviously no competition, the Aussies saw no point in running up and down the field wasting energy unnecessarily. They are saving their energy for their games against South Africa and England and are not worried about the ALLWHOS? because the ALLWHOS? have already spent all their energy running aimlessly around the field in their game against Italy.
Emotion: smile
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Woody, did you see that the Poms opted to enlarge the size of their team a tad?
It's starting to look like an Aus v NZ finish. Wadya reckon?
The poms are supposed to be good but they haven't shown it yet.
I think South Africa could get ousted by Samoa. That will be an interesting game. Whoever wins that game will be in the quarterfinals with NZ. Aus got the easy draw this year. They won't run up against anyone interesting until the semi finals.
This is the part when things get interesting. An Aus / NZ final would be great. It hasn't happened yet has it?

It seems you are right Woodward, but notice Aust. has won more than anyone else! Maybe the Allblacks can level the score .... but I doubt it Emotion: smile
1987New Zealand 29, France 9
1991Australia 12, England 6
1995South Africa 15, New Zealand 12
1999Australia 35, France 12

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