In eight groups of four,each team plays the others in its group.

Do you mean each group has four teams, and each team is againt each team in their group ?

There are eight groups, each having four teams.

Let's take Group #1, which has teams A, B, C, and D.

A, B, C, and D all play each other: A&B, C&D next round: A&C, B&D final round: A&D, B&C

The same thing is going on in each of the other groups.
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Thank you
Of course, with that, I've pretty much exhausted my knowledge of this type of competition. But if you want to talk American football, I'm your girl!
Dear Grammar Geek,

You wrote " if you want to talk American football, I'm your girl!"

- I think "talk about American football" is better, right?

- And by the way, what does "I'm your girl!" mean in this context?


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"talk X" is idiomatic. It does mean "to talk about."

"I'm your girl!" is like "I'm your man!" - It means "I'm the one for the job." But I'm not a man. I suppose, having recently turned 40, I'm not a girl either, but you don't usually say "I'm your woman."