What is the world's biggest problem today?

1) Aids
2) Gun crime/gun love
3) Drugs
4) War
5) The WTO
6) The WHO
7) The Beatles
8) Madonna
9) Racism
10) Globalism
11) Global warming/polar inversion/wobble
12) The bad dudes under your bed
13) American foreign policy
14) Knirps
 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 12
What is/are knirps?
What about population growth ?
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In my view the most alarming problem of those listed above is the global warming.If the politicians don't take precautions against it's growth in the near future soon there won't be a patch of land over the sea level.The ordinary people should wake up to the seriousness of the situation too...
Yes Iavor. u r correct. Global warming is being produced by men and it could not be stopped where as the other problems mentioned are produced by men and it could be prevented.
The biggest problem of the World is people's idiocy... Unfortunatelly.
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Hello everyone !!!

I quite agree with Fyaz and Iavor, it's global warming. And I guess Ruslana too is right to the some extent, if people get into real actions doomed destiny of the world can be changed.

at first glance i 'd say Usa but powers are temporary.

the world has never remained to any powerful country. neither glorious roman empire nor supreme ottoman empire and of course wont remain to usa

the most impoortant problem for us to deal with now i think the clash between civilizations. if focus on this problem we ifnd the main reason of this clash is globalism. and defects of our worlds social order. besides affluent countries whose gnp's are very high , poor africaan countries with children who are starving from lack of even basic needs. and this is an order in which wealthies become more wealthy and poors become more poor. who ll take care of poors? this world going to where? indeed this is the most important problem i think. have you ever thought these starving people when you go to restaurant and eat and , dropped the rest of the food that you couldnt eat? anyway that was some thought that come to my mind now and dont bother . you dont need to pay attention just as everyone...
You forgot one of the biggest, religion. You cant discuss huge world problems without including religious intolerance, separatism, conflict.
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