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Not exactly if you take punctuation in account:


I -

yes you are right there but there is one thing you are wrong about, Muhammad Ali did not deliver the poem at Harvard he delivered it in Africa , he was playing with the children, and a reporter came up to him acknowledged the fact he was a decent poet and mentioned the worlds shortest poem which was FLEAS (Adam, Had'em) and suggestsed Ali attempt to beat this with a shorter poem where he came up with 'Me, We.'
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I believe the poem goes,

Me, We

Sonny McMahon
The worlds shortest poem is all about an Englishman offering some refreshment to a Spaniard:

To my knowledge, the poem (by Ali), goes; You. Me. We.
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NO, the world's shortest poem is I, by Ghigma. Here it is:

I (title)


This poem is awesome for cocktail parties and just plain stumping your friends. Now, the hardest question: What do YOU think it means?
i thought it was fleas adam had'em
What about:

I (title)

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Completely and utterly wrong.

It is and always has been and always should be


It is in response to a question about his upcoming fight with I think Fraier and how he would deal with him.

Ali clenched his fist and used it in an uppercut motion and said ME WHEE!!
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