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No that is not the shortest poem ever the shortest poem is titled "I" and the poem reads......

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Here are a couple of short poems:

Relevent Thoughts of a Post Modern Day Nihillist, by Ron

or, howabout this one....


i am amzaed about the number of unsustantiated responses on this thread

back your statements up with some references.
this is the shortest poem
title: this is about a guy who...
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Thats' the dumbest thing i've ever heard!! I got on for ya...It's called ME, and it goes like this "I, A guy" Now I have the shortest peom in the world.So there ya have it
Yes! I heard this years and years ago. And, I imagined a visual. The visual in my minds eye went like this.. an audience member shouted out a request for Ali to deliver a poem. Probably interrupting a moment of importance to Ali as he is forever attempting to convey the message of the fight to end the fight.

I imagine an angry face. Something Ali owned, was his ability to convey a frightful anger in his eyes and in his face. I imagine that he was attempting to get his world audiance to get it. And I imagine the "Me" wore this face and was posed in the form of a question. "Me?"

Followed by a short pause, followed by a relaxing of the tension in his face as he slowly began to nod his head to show his audiance that this is not the way. Than the second sentance of a single word.. "WE"! Exclamation point without saying it aloud! He is the greatest of all time! No one argues the point that stood with him in the ring. He is what he is because he fought not for himself, but for all of us! Every race. Every color.

Zaire was the obvious proof and is where I believe he strategized the enlightenment of this truth of "Me? NO! NO! WE!

He could not possibly have won that fight!
Yet I've watched it multitudes of times and from the first bell Ali dominated that contest. Resisting throwing a final blow that would have most definately been delivered if fear existed in Ali. He resisted sealing the deal so as not to appear clumsey. He was right in doing so.. Foreman fell and did choose to not beat the count to get back on his feet. He made it look like it was a very close 10 count. But, George admits.. I was done and he was just getting started. Imagine how powerful we have the potential to become if fighting for a deliverance of an all inclusive justice of well being, full stomachs and the sense of matter.
Low intelligence my ASS. The man was and is a god damn genius!
Putting two words together that happen to rhyme does not a poem make. You could go with DO DOO or CAT NAP if that were the case. I would have to say that Jim Brantley, writer and lecturer, wrote the shortest poem. It rhymed, contained a complete thought, was a complete sentence, and did not make use of contractions to achieve its purpose. The poem is:

He taught thought.
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I think the shortest reasonable poem that forms a complete sentence, expresses a reasonable thought, and does not depend on a title to set context is the following:

I die
ernie cohen
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