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WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? I DONT UNDERSTAND THESE HUGE WORDS LIKE Non-egotistical AND pshyche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's all in the inflection. Allow me:



Say it like that and it's makes perfect sense. Ali's delivery was faultless.

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It made plenty of sense , especially when you recognize the source . It was a celebration of self , by a young man sitting literally on top of the world . My good friend james Douglas Morrison once referred to such a feeling as to - Glory in Self like a New Monster .
I'd like to first explain that Ali's poem does make sense if it's written correctly. Given it is poetry we are discussing here, there is poetic license. Therefore Ali's poem was potentially " Me We" ... meaning me and everyone else "with" me or potentially with poetic license " Me Oui" ... meaning in English "Me" and in French "Oui" meaning yes....... Me Yes!
While this is very Ali....It is likely he wasnt using French for poetic license to say the word Oui...as Yes.

Notwithstanding with this all said....I have used poetic license in my poem to which I hereby lay claim of it being the shortest poem ever composed. Using early sms speak in the second part of my poem.... my poem which means I BEAT Muhammad Ali with his shortest poem of all time is .... I Y ........Only two letters versus his four.... which explains the greatest question ever known to mankind ....Why are we here...Why am I here .....I Y :

So in my best Ali impersonation....The title of shortest poem in history IS MINE! Michael John Verga , Melbourne Australia March 2nd 2013
your poem is short but anyone can rhme like slide wide anything like that. i would of thought it was i went on a ride it was wide so i do NOT like your poem but im only 7 so do what you want
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If you're 7 then make sure you learn English better than your parents......You typed "I would OF thought" in your response. This is incorrect grammar. I would HAVE thought is correct. I hope this helps you as you grow up.
you're over thinking
the man was merely exultant
not a collectivist statement
we're dealing with the mind of a showman here
tone it down prof
Emotion: zip it I would like to say otherwise, but I won't.
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ppooop on that!!!!!
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