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yeah thats right, only correction is it was mentioned by the late George Plimpton not Norman Mailer.
Obviously you are wrong.
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Actually, the shortest poem is a lowercase i dotted with the fingerprint of the author, jwcurry.
No, the shortest poem is an i which the dot is written by a person's fingerprint. It is a symbol of uniqueness.
i think me, we is a great poem and it means a lot to me. But here is a video by Vsauce on youtube. I believe he explains it best.

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There is actually a poem that just reads "i" but the dot on the eye is pointing to the reader. It was proven to be a poem, and the shortest poem ever
It is certainly intriguing that ( "I" fingerprint) was proven to be a poem and probably more intriguing as to what percentage of people could upon seeing "I" accompanied with a fingerprint identify said 'i' plus fingerprint as a poem .... not to mention in seeing the fingerprint does not your inner self use the word 'fingerprint' to identify the fingerprint mark left next to said 'i' ?
Loosely, at any time one's brain can reconcile the information before it ....at some point it must verbalise internally through thought.... " I fingerprint" .... Hmmmm maybe me/we could petition Will Smith to make a movie about it and while we're at it invite our friend I,Y and his/her cousin I? to be involved.... but really if this involved anything BUT the Human race it would make a great finish on the podium - because sooner or later someone's going to have to ask......so who's on first, what's on second and I don't know on third.
And on the matter of race.....personally ("I" fingerprint) am still a little angry with the Jews because they killed Jesus before anyone had a chance to prove him to be a fake. So 2013 years, a few Crusades, wars and lots of wrapping paper and easter eggs later the real winners are the Supermarkets!
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I have a friend who writes poems and his name is Rummel Pinera. Pinera is a poet, free-lance writer, peaceful freedom-fighter, citizen-journalist, cause-oriented activist and blogger. Mr. Pinera is from the Philippines. He writes poems both in Filipino and English. I believe he had written the shortest poems in the world. He has 2 poems with 2 lines that can be considered as the shortest poems when it comes to the number of syllables. Both poems (couplets) only have 3 syllables. The poems are the following:





Mr. Pinera wrote both poems, The poem "Go" could be the shortest poem in the world because it only has 3 syllables and 8 letters, Rummel Pinera might also have created the shortest poem in 3 lines. His poem "Beauty" goes something like this:



The said shortest poems in the world can be found in a book that Mr. Rummel Pinera had written called "5 Essays And Some Magical Poems". The book can be seen online through this link: http://www.lulu.com/author/content_revise.php?fCID=14025558 . Mr. Rummel Pinera may also have written the shortest proverb in the world. The said proverb was written in Filipino and it consists of only 8 words, The proverb can be found from a book called "PATULA (A BOOK OF POEMS)".`The book can be seen online through this link: http://www.lulu.com/author/content_revise.php?fCID=14077520 .

The shortest proverb in the world is this:



The proverb is pronounced in Filipino as:



The proverb can be translated as:


What you have sown
Is what you will own.

or : What you've harvested from what you've sown
Will certainly go inside your purse
And become a property that you own.

Another one, Mr. Pinera may have also written the shortest proverb in the English language. The proverb is called "Karma" and it goes like this:


Go sow:
And draw.

The poem ‘Fleas’ has about 5 syllables and its original title is quite long- “On The Antiquity Of Microbes”. That’s why such poem has this to say:

Had ‘em.

The poem was talking about how long ‘microbes’ have been on Earth. Its original title - “On The Antiquity Of Microbes” is quite long to be considered as the shortest poem in the world. Besides, even if you make “Fkeas” as the title of such poem, Mr. Pinera’s poem “Go” would still be shorter when it comes to the number of syllables and words used in a poem. Look again at Mr. Pinera’s poem titled “Go”:



Then a poem by Mr, Aram Saroyan, an American poet, has a one-liner: Lighght,,,,, But such one-liner can’t be considered as a poem. If a one-liner would be considered poetry, then even cheer-leaders and pornographic actors could invent their own and call such ‘wording’ as poetry. Poetry needs to have at least 2 lines to convey meaning and to make a graceful combination of words. If there’s only one word in a poem, then that’s not poetry but foolishness. Not even a single letter nor one symbol can be attributed as a poem, even if the one who made it is a poet or a writer. To say it is so would make poetry a debasement of its artistic worth, value and true meaning.
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