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The distinction must be in the degree of meaning conveyed in and through the words by the title of the poem
Yes. This poem was written by Eli Siegel, the great American poet (1902=1978), who founded the philosophy of Aesthetic Realism. The correct title and punctuation is:

One Question

--Eli Siegel

This poem was written in 1924 and appeared in the Literary Review of the New York Evening Post in 1925, but since that time has frequently been anthologized as the shortest poem in the world without its author being acknowledged. It appears in Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana: Poems, by Eli Siegel (New York: Definition Press, 1957), p. 12.
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Okay mn's on first ly's on second i (fingerprint)'s on thirdEmotion: smile

(Deal with it)
Coming in equal to the Siegal was a poem in, I think, the Martin Gardner Dover edition of a C.C.Bombaugh book. It ran
The title was something like "In response to the news of the signing of [some treaty or other]"
Mohamid Ali said it at a Prinston graduation speech I believe after he retired from boxing. Mohamid use to wax poetic before the fight on when he was going to k. o. his opponent. Off the cuff a graduate ask's Mohamid "give us a poem": with in seconds Mohamid said "me we". Meaning all races are one. Not only is it the world's shortest poem but oh the substance of it. Who cares about flees. ps: he never graduated from high school. God bless you Mohamid. T. from Pilot Hill, Ca.
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What can't we just make up random crazy short poems like.......
I,die (lol)
U,poo (lol)
Yo,bro (what?)
or whatever
this is a poem
theres a tree and theres a tree everywhere
you can see a tree.

now thats a good poem to me

by :me
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Longer if you count the punctuation, though.

Here's mine - I call it "When Sad"
I cry

Four letters, no punctuation, one sentence, clear and unambiguous.

Beat that.
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