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I was taught by a professor in college that the shortest poem is a mere dot (.)...author is anonymous

no, Emotion: wait it would be
don't forget punctuation.Emotion: giggle
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Actually I wrote the shortest poem ever. It's not published much but it simply reads
I am.
because it is meant to inspire you to think of what it means. What 'I am.' is trying to tell you and you have to work it out for yourself. Words are more than marks on a page.

Me, Whee! is correct. The story ref this poem is told in the film 'When We Were Kings' which was about the Rumble In The Jungle fight.
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God introducing Eve to Adam is better: call it "Intrduction", and as poetry it is two lines. Introduction. Madam, Adam
It's a tie
Oh my!
Emotion: money
reckless_waltzHow about "iPod therfore i am"?
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This one is called: what the headteacher said when he saw me running out of school on 21 july last year at 1.15 pm to buy an ice cream from Pellozi's van


this broke the 2006 record for the longest title, shortest poem and longest foot note
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