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Shortest poem of the world is


Name of the writer is not known.

MadanMohan Tarun
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Short poems are awesome Emotion: big smile
That is really insightful. Congratulations to you.
I read once about a poetry competition in the New York Times (?) (in was in Reader's Digest) that had to be short, it had to rhyme and it had to appeal to a broad audience.
The winner was..


Yay! Perfect. Can anyone confirm this please?
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Even though I'm a huge Ali fan,
I got it beat.


-Bud Adams

c.b. and poems

Ali still went by Cassius Clay when he narrated "Me? Whee!" on late night tv, a poem reflecting his then-persona as a super-self-assured braggart. We might ourselves rewrite it as "Me, We" since by the time of his death he'd converted from NoL to Sunni and from Sunni to the Sufi the mystical branch of Sunni. But his actual version was not that short.

My own "Suicide Note is World's Shortest Poem" comes close:



which for number of letters ties with the revised/shortened version of Ali's poem.

Aram Saroyan made the Guinness Book of Records for shortest poem, a single made-up letter (an "m" with three rather than two loops) but I'd regard it more of a drawing than a poem. If creating one's own letter constitutes a poem, then Geof Huth did a better one, plus there are recognized one real letter "poems" by Aaron Belz and J. W. Curry, but since ALL these mean nothing whatsoever if quoted in their entirety.

"The World's Shortest Pessimistic Poem" is by Robert Zend:



Andrew Weatherhead wrote a slug of two-word poems; if we want the shortest poems to rhyme, none of his do. Lorraine Marwood outlined a class assignment for elementary school and secondary level students, simply to write a two-word poem. One of Lorraine's own examples was simplky "Balloons bursting." Again she doesn't encourage rhyme. She has many others, either her own or students', and none of them if encountered scribbled on a wall would strike anyone as being poems. But if one googles "Two Word Poems" there are thousands of examples like 'em, none particularly poetic. One could easily write an app to generate two-word poems if these really count.

I could knock of dozens that actually DO rhyme (Happy pappy. Jolly Molly) but I would regard them no more poems than the ones that don't. You could even find two-word rhyming "poems" ready-made in dictionaries: Hurdy Gurdy. Roly Poly. Hully Gully. Hokey Pokey. Hanky Panky. Boogie woogie. Ready Freddy? ad infinitum.

The LONGEST poem is generally thought to be "The Mahabharatta."

-Jessica Amanda Salmonson

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