Contrary to what is reported by many, the world's shortest poem is not Fleas (Adam Had 'em), though at one time it was the shortest. The world's shortest poem is by The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, and I believe it was delivered during one of his Harvard University graduation speeches. Though it was untitled, based on the content of the poem I believe we can title it Ali. the poem is



There you have it, the world's shortest poem.

Submitted by Ralph P. Taylor
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You are quite right, it is the shortest poem. However I believe it should read:


Shorter still, and much more profound.
Emotion: tongue tied I like Adam Had 'em better Emotion: tongue tied also i dont think that is a poem, like adam had'em makes semse, but Me, whee!! doesnt make sense
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I feel me,we makes complete sense...

It's a view into one's pshyche.... The Non-egotistical view of the globally community
No longer do we exist in s'I'lo's..

There is no ME... only We

With correct punctuation, it should be:



What am I going to do? No.. What are WE going to do..
What's in it for me? What's in it for US!

Unplanned Poetic perfection
Nope. It's Me, Whee! As in, being me is so much fun!
actually the shortest poem EVER IS A DUTCH POEM:

by Joost v/d Vondel:



yeah, beat that....
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How about "iPod therfore i am"? Emotion: big smile
Spot on. This is the worlds shortest poem, delivered by a great man and a true hero for all. That said, Forman got the grill.

Also, as noted by another scolar on this page it is



Regards for now.....
Mahamid Ali
Me We
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