It was about 5 or 6 years ago. Actually, I can say that it was both my worst and funniest holiday. It could have been a splendid holiday for the others and me if that bad event had not happened.
To tell the truth, that summer began perfectly for us all, Gül, Meral, Sevgi and me. We were all together staying in the same flat, one of our summerhouses. Our days were so funny and we were having a great time and getting on very well. My dearest cousin Gül used to be the firs person up in the morning and prepare something to eat for breakfast for us. Then we used to have breakfast together. After breakfast, we used to spend our time doing different things and getting ready to go to the beach. We used to leave home about at 02:00 pm. and come back home about 06:00 pm. Then we used to have dinner and whoever had turn was washing the dishes. After that we started to get ready to go out again.
Some evenings we went for a walk on the bank of the stream. One day my youngest cousin Meral asked us to let her boyfriend to come whit us as well. So of course we accept it not to break her heart. Meanwhile we all used to get on well with Deniz, who is my aunt’s son, too. By the way he is not free in mind, a little conservative. That’s to say that he is so jealous of us like every Turkish man who is jealous of girls in his family if she is his daughter or wife or whoever. But two of our friends who are sibling and jealous of our relationship and friendship between us, that younger one of them liked him, benefited this case to spoil it. Of course Deniz was not aware of that Meral had a boyfriend and they were meeting in the evenings while we were walking on the bank of the stream. However, that bad girls knew and unfortunately, one evening they took him to the same place on purpose pretending it was by accident. Naturally, he hit the roof. We tried every way we can to calm him down but we could not made it. He thought that we had cheated him. So we fell out. And nothing has been the way it used to be since that summer.
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I don't understand how the story ended. Who cheated who(m)?
My cousin Deniz thought that we cheated him or didn't tell the truth, because we didn't say him Meral had a boy friend. However, we girls were sure that he wouldn't approve it.As I said Turkish men have such a nonsensical feeling so we didn't say to him.I hope that I've explained it clearly.Because I'm trying to improve my English.
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Yes, you clearly got your message through. The problem was I got mixed up with the names. It is sometimes hard to tell whether a name is masculine or femenine, and this can lead to serious misunderstandings.
hi ,,it is really nice to story but there are some points I could not understand from your story I mean what are you trying to tell us want to explain meaning of jeoulous or you just wanted to write it i dont know ,I am also a turkish guy but I never count myself as a jeoulous guy I also dont know what made you think that all turkish guys are jeoulous ...anyway as i wrote you above it is really a nice story to read but actually I did not understand what you meant... from Izmir uygar
Are you trying to say you are not jealous? I am sure you are!
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please come on!! join the real world ,ofcourse I am not jealous as much as your friends but I cant deny and say that I am not jealous i personally think that it is a matter of education ,meaning of jealousy depends on people's,I dont know what sort of relationship you have with your pals but what I can say about this topic is if you really want to change minds firts you have to change education in that way we wont need to discuss about jealousy anymore but I really like to read your story ....a lot of love from Izmir
I guess what you are trying to say is that you are not interested in discussing jealousy, eh? That's fine by me. I'd rather not speak about this suject either.Emotion: wink
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