My dream in paradise

There are people wearing white clothes, laughing with their families and children. They were exchanging hugs, and smiles as if they were over the moon. I got nearer to them asking about the reason of their great happiness. They treated me in a very nice way, considering me as their brother. ‘'No harm, no sadness from now on,'' they said. I asked them ‘'Why, we are still human beings and our nature is different from the angel's one.'' And all of a sudden, I was given a hug, oh it was my wife. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever met since she has changed to be like an angel without any faults. To illustrate, she had blue eyes, long hair, and a very soft white skin. Then, she invited me to see our own properties such as a great palace which was surrounded by ten sport cars. Inside it, there was a wide garden, provided by all the means of luxury. For example, a pool, and a small zoo. As we were going to further distance wondering around the palace, a young white boy called me to join him a certain place. My wife and I accepted his invitation to see an amazing forest, containing a large number of trees. The young boy got transformed into an angel with colorful wings to be like a peacock, showing off his beauty. Then, we jumped onto his back to have a tour among trees and waterfalls. It was really incredible to breathe the fresh air and some drops of water were splashing on our faces. On our flying, I fell off the angels back which caused me to wake from my bed and find myself in my real world.
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Hi Issa . I liked it so much ,,,
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line one .... I think you should write childrens instade of children

and you should say " our nature is different than angels... not from angels

it was a very nice dream Issa ... and you wrote it in a very good way and you choosed great words

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see you then Isaa ,, bye
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actually what you said might be wrong

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