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Would it be fair to say that what most people here mean when they say 'religion' is organised or institutionalised religion?
That is, 'The XYZ Church', or the 'Church of ABC'?

I, for one, have absolutely no problem with Christians, Moslems, Buddhists etc., but I do find some of the groups that claim to represent them disturbing in many ways.
The decalogue or ten commandments are part of all religions. They can do nothing but good. The problem comes about when extremists interpret the way they choose to.
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I'm not a Christian, but I went to Catholic schools when I was growing up. I thought studying there helped me learn how to be a good person. Back home, the local culture is too ambition-driven, and we are sometimes taught to get ahead at the expense of our higher values. But I'm glad the Catholic nuns in school taught me what's right and what's wrong.

PS. In the perfect world, the young would learn good moral values from their family and society, but sadly, it wasn't always happening back home. Emotion: sad
Dear Lionel.
In my most humble opinion, we do need something sublime living between our life and death.
Whatever it would be.
You'll never find what you are looking for in this internet world. ..... I think so, at least.


Like other Japanese, I'm customarily Buddhist but I don't know what Buddhism really is. I only hear something like Buddha's taughts from priests on the occasion of a funeral for any relative of mine. Maybe I am an atheist from the view point of Christians. However, I was taught from my mother (who was a pious Buddhist) what we should not do to escape from being thrown off to the hell at our death. The conducts Buddha taught us not to do are:
(1) Harm living creatures (kill).
(2) Take that which is not freely given (steal).
(3) Do sexual misconducts.
(4) Speech in bad ways (lie, harsh language, slander, idle chit-chat).
(5) Take intoxicants which lead to loss of mindfulness.
Among them, what I cannot be sure whether I have successfully escaped from doing is #3.

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Would we be better off without without religion? hmmmm maybe if you had said organised religion I MAY have agreed with you. However you said ANY beliefs. And with this I cannot agree because if we had NOTHING to believe in why would we live. We live for the most art on our feelings. And with love being the most pronounced of our feelings(something you MUST believe in surely???)if we hadnt got love to believe in, there wouldnt beany possible reason to live. I know this must be difficult to understand what Im trying to say....Anyway I think that if you look at what peoples beliefs do for them. The number of people whose lives have changed through religion .For this alone, it is worth keeping. And of course you'll get fanatics. You'll get them any where there is passion...just look at football fans etc.
We must admit that religion does teach many people right from wrong. It keeps many people on the right track morally. So that is one benefit we have from religion.

If there were no religion, it would have to be replaced with another way to keep people from doing wrong. I firmly believe that we should concentrate on developing something like a Society for Ethical Culture which would teach right and wrong, without any religious dogma attached.

If children were taught ethics, i.e., right and wrong, they would grow up tending to do the right thing. There would be no need for any religious dogma to keep them on the right track.

Until religion can be replaced with some kind of secular moral training, we would definitely be worse off without religion, as far as people knowing right from wrong is concerned.

Another aspect to consider is the element of fear, which many religions use to keep people from doing wrong. The question is: Without the element of fear of punishment, would people still behave correctly? If the answer is no, then we need religion. If the answer is yes, than we don't need religion.

I believe that people can be encouraged to do the right thing without the fear of punishment. What is required is an effective upbringing which would instill a strong sense of ethics and morality in all people. I believe this can be done without having to teach religious dogma with its historical scriptures and chronicled doctrines.

So... to answer your question, the only way we would be better off without religion, would be to replace it with adequate training in ethical culture. This should be the way of the future.

For more information about ethical culture go to the webpage of the American Ethical Union at:
> http://www.aeu.org /

[Note, ethical culture societies can include religious groups, but the focus is always on human life working to create a more humane society, and not on the dogma of any religion.]

I disagree with part of your statements, but also agree with several. Alow me to explain. First I agree that murders and slayings are part of the world because of differing religions, but the truth as you call it is in one of those religions. You are correct in searching for the "Truth" but that is what all religions are about. Sadly however only some will find it and believe in the Truth. The Truth will set you free.

PS: in searching for truth you have created your own religion.

I hope you find the truth, I have. The "Truth" is Jesus, the son of God the one he sent to die for our sins; since the wages of sin is death. Jesus died to replace us, to take our death so that when we believe we can live forever with HIM in a golden city. Please reply when you receive this: (Please register and leave your email in the profile)
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Hey, i'm a HSC, student, researching for a religion assignment, and i couldn't aggree with you more. All my life i have questioned what it is that religion gives us. I can't get pass all the turmoil, that it creates as well as wars and segregation. For people who are supposed to be religious the majority of them act extremely violently.I'm not a non-beleiver either, i'd like to believe that there is something out there, but all i can see is relgion causing a lot of suffering and atrocious acts.Personally i think we'd all be better off and happier without it. It was good to hear that someone thinks like me. lol, bye.
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