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I think it is tragic that many people cannot see how religeon has been hijacked by humanists.
It's like me dressing up in my sisters clothing, robbing a bank, and then blaming my sister.
Why can't people see something so obvious?
AnonymousI think it is tragic that many people cannot see how religeon has been hijacked by humanists.
Can you please expand on that?
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the world i think would be much worse off without religion...

yes maybe we'd have less religious radicals but the majority of religious people are peaceful

religion gives people a meaning to life and keeps many people sane in times of stress and something other than material needs to live for

if religion was abolished for everyone then the world would be less spiritual, without meaning, more people may become obsessed with material things
Dear Lionel

Ya, right! Ya cover all your bases, now, don't ya? (Said with a well intended sneer.) In fact, sir, there's a lie in the middle of just about anything said, done, or thought of on this earth!!! Your thread included! And mineEmotion: smile

Beyond all that ballowney, I do believe religion is a good thing, in spite of the 9/11s, the inquisitions, etc., etc, etc. I have gone from being a total ignorant of my faith, to a full fledged seeker of its truth, to a convinced atheist. There is absolutely no god, it's a human invention. Daaaahhhhhh. I have never met a person in whose meeting I could say, "Yes, there is a God!"No one that has shown me a thread that would bring me to feel/think/believe/other that God exists. As in: I remember when I was 15 years old or so, and my mother was talking to me about faith. Listening to her, I came to understand that believing/faith in... anything (to her it was God/the Holy spirit) was a good thing. It was not what she said, it was how it moved me, from how she said it and how I understood what she had said to me. My conclusion was that "believing" was a good thing.

Since, I have come to conclude that the path to faith is being "love". And, as that is far more challenging than most, if not all, humans, can endeavor, it can easily be called utopia. But, as people are naive and believe thay can, indeed reach that utopia, they try. In trying they reach a greater humanity... sometimes... than they otherwise would.

Therefore, believing is a good thing.
Religion or whatever word you or anyone uses to describe it will be part of us because of the uncertainty of what will happen after we call it quits from this material body we now poses, whether it is because of fear or simply wondering what's next? Religion is a set of moral rules that try to govern our daily lives, but also try to give us an answer of what's next. Some individuals go to far in trying to give us this set of rules, they are fanatically convinced that their views are the right ones, but how can they be so certain. Since religion is something very personal, and no one believes exactly the same thing even within the same religion, unless we are a living computer having the same operating system. And, after all, how can you be so certain that everything is as you think it is, have you been already on the other side?

Leave the RELIGION issue as a personal thing, and there shouldn't be a problem, do not impose your views to others. We shouldn't even be talking about religion.

Now, as for your question: Would we be better off without religion?, Yes, I think we would be better off without 'organized' religion.

Organized religion is the fifth horseman of the 'apocalypse', if there is such thing, anyway.
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I LOVE YOU, the very work that you state have been presented in research by myself, religion, yes it has justification in the world today, i has doen some good, but not religion i n its self. Religion was created by man to explain the unexplaiable, thus as man developes,,,,religion developes.

There is over 19 major religions, 270 smaller branches split between million other seperate subcategories...

Religious icons have done amazing feats for the world, yes, its true, i will admit it, but its the people who are doing the great deeds. No outside figure compels you to help someone when there car breaks down, religion is a rediculous thought destrotying the world today.

Without the major religions of the world, wow,, imagine that, the loss of Al-Quada, the Catholic dominance, the wars between the Jews and Muslims, all gone in an instant.

Religious deaths and claims are what are destroying the world today, and still the question remains, who i right? Too many people have used this as an excuse, so what if there was no question? What if there was no question on who was right, who was wrong, no made up stories to keep you in line. People are so afraid of a world without order, that they destroy eachother on who's order is correct, come on, a world without god and religion is the very thing this nuclear world deserves.
While saying man created a religion, one must be talking about something of which one knows nothing.
Religion is a good thing,but (some) men are bad,so even without religion,men would find new reasons to make wars,terrorist attacks,bloodsheds,etc..
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it think this world won't survive without religion. as you know, religion exist in all over the world. and some countries even have their national religion. we're living in the information age, so maybe you sometimes have a feeling that it'll be better for this world if there's no religion. every religion teaches its professors to love the surrounding people. so basically, religion is very good. it seems to me that you blame religion for creating wars. but you should realize that wars are started by human's greediness. and they use religion as a mean to gain their purposes.
therefore, in my opinion, we still need religion to instruct us to have a good living in this messy world.
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