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Lionel In ParisBy 'we' I mean anyone and everyone in the world. By 'religion' I mean any and all religions, creeds, cults, faiths, persuasions, beliefs or doctrines.

Hi one and all, my name is Lionel, I live in Paris, France. As you like to be classified here (I'm a christian, I'm muslum, I'm black with green spots........as if your proclamation is some sort of qualification) I'll classify my self. I like to think of myself as a seeker of truth. I like truth, it's that big solid thing, all shiny white and teflon coated. It won't be changed or bent, you can hide it but it's still there and will be there for all time.

Back to my question if anyone would like to comment. Some people will say that apart from a reasonable moral code, religions bring very little to us. In general they cause arguements and separate people. Worse they have caused more murders, killings and unhappiness than anything else. Surely they can't be good for us?...


What does religions mean??

Note: Please don't stamp me as a non-believer, you don't know that. Maybe I'm just adult enough to be able to question my beliefs from time to time?.


PS Has anyone noticed there is a lie in the middle of belief ?.
hi Matress! why didn't you give your opinion about this topic?
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Hello, I am a Muslim
I suppose we will be better if every one keeps his religion to himself. I mean everybody is free to believe what he wants. It would be better if we don't matter about the religion of each other.
Would we be better off without religion?

I born from Muslim parent, I learned that there is only one God who we called Allah who created this entire universe. I taught that this life is a way to cross by; it is like a test to know the good from bad. I also knew that there is another life after death, an immortal life where there is a paradise and it’s opposite. Islam, my religion name, exhort us to have good morals and behaviors, to treat others nicely and kindly, to forgive those who hurt us, to not say bad words to anyone in his absence. I have no comment on those persons who distorted the picture of Islam, who send a wrong message about Muslims especially some types of media. Back to your question, I don’t think that as Muslim, we would be better without religion; because our religion feeds our soul, and the soul is the precious thing that without refining it we’ll not be able to act correctly.
There are so many good people here.

Who, amongst us, knows the difference between God and religion?
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Mike in JapanThere are so many good people here.
Who, amongst us, knows the difference between God and religion?

Agnostics, maybe. And I'm trying to be one.