Original Sentence : Some of the market's 10 largest stocks by market capitalization have done even better

I comprehend this as below

Some of the market's 10 largest stocks capitalized by market have done better.

1) in the original sentence, "stocks" is noun and "market capitalization" also is noun, could these noun put together using "by"?

2) how could I comprehend the word - "even"?
It's an intensifier.

I'd say open your English-Native language dictionary in order to understand it.


-- used as an intensive serving to stress the comparative degree<did even better under the new coach> <emeralds are even scarcer than rubies>

No, you can't do that rewrite.

The "largest stocks by market capitalization" means they are the largest when "market capitalization" is the scale being used.

There might be other stocks with a higher number of shares outstanding, or a higher price, for example, but when looking at market capitalization, these are the 10 largest.

You say "even better" instead "more better."
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thank you very much!

After your analysis, I found there is a big difference between "capitalized by market" and " by market capitalization", the meaning of "by" is totally diffrence in two phrases!
>Would I comprehend this sentence in this way?

Wouldmakes no sense here, because you know what you comprehend, I hopeEmotion: smile

However, you could say:

Would it be possible to understand this sentence this way?

Could is fine, though:

Could I understand this sentence this way?

thank you, Marisu Hancu

Frankly say, I have some problem using verbs such as could/would/might/have etc. Could you tell me some websites which can help me to understand the usage of these verbs?
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Do a search for "modals" - that is the category of words.