Hello. I wrote two dialogues. Will you correct them?

No. 1

M: Look! I('ve) got the top score on the video [ computer ] game.

F: I'm not interested in it. Shouldn't you study English?

M: Actually, I ( have ) finished studying for tomorrow's lesson.

Who made you my teacher?

No. 2

M: I wrote a report on how we can cut ( down on ) our labor costs.

F: I see. I'll look through it ans send it to the board of directors.

M: Thank you. Please tell me if they have any questions or comments.

I'll write my report again ( if necessary ).

Thank you. kenta
I don't see any errors in your work. The last sentence seems a bit awkward though, how about something like this:
I'll rewrite it if necessary.
Thank you, RayH. You helped me a lot!