Hello. I wrote two dialogues. Would you check them?

No. 1

M: Good morning, Mom.

F: Good morning, Ken. Breakfast will be ready soon. How would you

like your egg?

M: I'd like it soft-boiled.

No. 2

M: Would you like to order, Madam? [ Are you ready to order? / May I take your order? ]

F: Well, actually, I don't know what to order. What do [ would ] you recommend?

M: Our specialty is a smoked chicken. It's very popular here.

( Q. Is "a" necessary before "smoked chicken"? )

Thank you! kenta
Your dialogues are fine. You do not need "a" before "smoked chicken."
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Thanks a lot. Your comment is very helpful!

With regards N°2, 'the' smoked chicken would be better; 'the' smoked chicken we have here on the menu.