Hello. I wrote two dialogues. Would you check them?

No. 1

M: These throat drops really cured [ got rid of / relieved ] my sore throat.

F: I was sure they would. I always have [ carry ] them with me.

M: You're very careful of your throat as may be expected of a singer.

No. 2

M: Sorry, sir. Your camera has to go through [ be checked ], too.

The data will be unaffected.

F: But this is an extremely expensive one, so handcheck, please.

M: All right. Then please put it on this tray.

Thank you! kenta
Excellent! Just a few ideas: (a) Might the present perfect be more appropriate: These lozenges have really helped (b) careful "of" your throat. Perhaps some people would be more comfortable with careful "about" your throat (c) Don't worry. The data....
Thank you. Your comment is very helpful!