Hello. I wrote two dialogues. Will you correct them?

No. 1

M: How may I help you?

F: I'd like to rent a car. What kind of cars do you have?

M: I recommend a sedan for city sightseeing.

F: Can I leave it at the station?

No. 2

M: What are you into now?

F: Well, my favorite pastime is driving.

M: I hear you bought a new car. Will you take me for a drive?

F: I'll think about it.

Thank you. kenta


M. How can I help you.

F. I'd like to hire a .....

M. I recommend a sedan for sight seeing.

F. May I leave........


F. 'timepass'

M. I heard you.........

F. I'll think of it.

Please wait for other answers too.

Thank you.
Thank you for your advice.