Hello. I wrote two dialogues. Would you check them, please?

No. 1

F: John proposed and said he'd take me to New York on our honeymoon!

M: Wow! Congratulations! When are you going [ planning ] to get married?

F: At latest within the next year, I hope.

No. 2

M: Your reservation has been confirmed.

F: Thank you. This is my first trip aboroad. I'm a little nervous.

M: There's nothing to [ You have nothing to ] worry about. Your host family will be [ is ] waiting

for you at the airport.

Thank you. kenta
Hello, I have written two dialogues, could someone please correct/check them?

F. Within a year. or By this time next year - at the latest.

(Better: We haven't fixed a date yet...but within the next year...)

There is nothing to worry about or You have nothing to worry about

Both are fine you have...is a little more friendly....

Your host family will be waiting.

Well done.
Hi, Catherine Demorvan. You helped me a lot.

Thank you. kenta