Hello. I wrote two dialogues. Would you check them, please?

No. 1

M: What's that red one on the ground.

F: It looks like somebody left [ drop / lost ] a scarf.

M: We'd better take it to the lost and found office.

F: Right. But I don't know where it is.

No. 2

M: Excuse me. I'd like to know where my seat is.

F: Let me see your ticket. Oh, enter [ get on ] the plane and turn right.

Go straight a little. It is [ will be ] on your left.

M: Thanks a million.

Thank you. kenta
What's that red thing on the ground?

It's looks like someone's dropped/lost their scarf.

Let me see [May I is politer] your boarding pass/card. As you enter the plane turn right and just a few metres along you will find your seat.
Hi, Mr. Anonymous. Sorry I call you 'anonymous".

You helped me a lot.

Thank you. kenta