Hello. I wrote two dialogues. Would you check them?

No. 1

M: My PC has crashed. Do you have the [ a ] software to see if there is

any trouble?

F: Yes, sure. I have a CD-ROM.

M: Oh, you are very helpful. Will you lend it to me?

No. 2

M: Hi, my name is Masashi. You should have a room reserved in my name.

F: Yes, you will be staying for three nights, checking out on the fourth.

M: Sorry, but my plans have [ plan has ] changed. It will be just two nights, so

I'll be checking out on the third.

Thank you! kenta
I should think, "Do you have any trouble-shooting software?" or "Do you have a repair disc?" (Probably should get more opinions.)

"Sorry, but my plans have changed," is best.
Thank you. Your comment is very helpful!