Hello. I wrote two dialogues. Will you correct them?

No. 1

M: You know? 79,000 university students in Japan have stayed at

school so that they can a better chance of finding a job.

F: Yeah. But I don't know why they are still at school.

M: In Japan, big companies usually recruit newcomers among new


No. 2

M: Don't be so depressed. Anyone can make a mistake.

F: I know. But I can't think positive.

M: I know how you feel. But time cures. Cheer up [ Come on ]!

F: Thank you. You are sweet.

Thank you. kenta

* Did you know that 79,000 students in Japan have continued their education onto the university level so they can have a better chance of finding a job?
* Yes, but I don't know why they are still in school.
* Because big companies in Japan usually hire new employees from new university graduates.


* (OK)
* (OK)
* I know how you feel, but time heals all wounds. So cheer up.
* (OK)
Hi, Bob. You helped me a lot.

Thank you. kenta